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TechCrunch Places Sky Motion Research Front and Center of Weather Crowdsourcing Phenomenon

Darrell Etherington of technology mega-site TechCrunch covered SkyMotion this week for a new article about weather crowdsourcing technologies and applications.

Montreal-based startup SkyMotion is one such firm, and it recently launched its 4.0 update, which not only harnesses crowdsourced weather reports, but also allows other businesses to plug into that data using a public API, to integrate real-time reporting data from SkyMotion’s users into their own products.

Placing our firm front and center of the weather crowdsourcing phenomenon, Etherington described the appeal and advantages crowdsourcing weather could bring to a plethora of industries:

Crowsourced weather data could appeal to big tech companies for the same reason that crowdsourced data does; it greatly improves the quality of consumer-facing products. But it also offers a lot more besides, by providing services that can be combined with other local data including maps and traffic, as well as shopping and advertising information, to give a much more accurate, much more complete snapshot of any given location at any given time. Weather affects everything from the average user’s day planning, to marketing, to budgeting, and companies that are improving the quality of that data will no doubt be on the radar of anyone who makes those things its concern.

SkyMotion App of the Day & App of the Week for Lifehacker, Gizmodo, Gizmodo UK


Gizmodo recently positively reviewed SkyMotion! Here’s what they had to say:

Weather apps are a dime a dozen, but accurate weather apps are a little more rare. For most of them, you’d be better off tossing a coin to try to figure out if it’s actually going to rain or not. And that’s where SkyMotion shines—down to the minute.

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Gizmodo and Gizmodo UK also picked SkyMotion for their Best iPhone apps of the week and best Android apps of the week columns.

Popular tech site LifeHacker also reviewed SkyMotion:

iPhone/Android/Windows Phone 8/Web: A lot of weather forecasts will tell you whether it’s going to rain in your city on any given day, but SkyMotion narrows the forecast down to the minute, and down to your block.

Read the rest of their review here

What’s new with SkyMotion 4.0? Here’s a full breakdown.

While a number of weather apps seem to be released on a weekly basis, Sky Motion Research is proud to have created what many see as a necessary addition to the very busy world of applications. Here’s a detailed breakdown why:


Our trademark minute-by-minute nowcasts tell you the exact minute precipitation starts and ends. SkyMotion also indicates the intensity of upcoming precipitation.


SkyMotion is the only consumer weather app that integrates and accepts ground-level observations. Users can actually influence the forecast! Our worldwide weather crowdsourcing platform breaks new ground by allowing users to profit directly from all submitted ground observations for maximum accuracy. This has never been done before.


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Sky Motion Research Integrates Crowdsourced Weather Observations into Proprietary Nowcasting Technology


New precedent set by worldwide weather crowdsourcing platform for consumers and businesses

MONTREAL, May 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ - Sky Motion Research has released the latest iteration of its proprietary nowcasting technology, integrating worldwide ground-level observations for maximum accuracy. The release sets a new precedent for weather applications by allowing users to benefit directly from crowdsourced ground observations. The technology is available to consumers through a mobile app for iOS devices, while businesses can integrate the nowcasting data via an API, also released today.

Read more Gets a Complete Redesign


Much like our app, has been completely redesigned.

Along with SkyMotion 4.0, we have recently released an API for businesses who would like to integrate our nowcasting technology. You can learn more about it here.

You’ll also find additional information about our nowcasting technology, the story behind how SkyMotion came to be, what people have been saying about our our products, and the meteoric rise of nowcasting this past year alone.

We have a brand new FAQ section, addressing a range of topics and questions regarding our apps and technology. But don’t forget, customer care and technical assistance are always available to you 7 days a week in 4 languages. 

Bike-Sharing System Bixi Now Offers Hyperlocal Nowcasts Courtesy of SkyMotion


Bixi is back after a long Canadian winter, and we are proud to announce Bixi users can now get our nowcasts directly from their brand new Bixi app.

Bixi cyclists can also use the free app to check where bikes and parking spots are available. The company has added an additional number of stations and bike docks just in time for the 2013 season. Thanks to SkyMotion, users can now be sure to return them before getting stuck in the rain or worse yet a thunderstorm! To celebrate Bixi’s 5th season, their app offers you a chance to win prizes every 5th of the month.

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SkyMotion for Non-Smartphone Users


In August 2012, Sky Motion Research was first in making nowcasting available to a wide variety of consumers by releasing a free universal web app.

While SkyMotion is currently available via native apps for nearly every major mobile platform, we would are happy to remind non-smartphone users that they can download or access our web app with the help of any web-enabled device.

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Tech Personality Corvida Raven Includes SkyMotion in “Best of Android: 55 Must-Have Android Apps” List

Corvida Raven, creator of the popular, named one of the 50 Most Influential Women in Technology by Fast Company, and touted as one of the 25 Facebook Profiles You Should Subscribe To Right Now by Time’s Techland Blog, has recently named SkyMotion as one of her favorite Android apps. 

Late last year, Corvida switched to using an Android device and tasked herself with finding “the perfect Android apps”. Taking design and functionality into consideration, she has recently compiled a “Best of” list for the operating system.

In the travel and location apps section, she cites SkyMotion as her go-to app when she doesn’t trust her other weather sources and needs real-time updates.

Read Corvida’s complete list here: Selects SkyMotion as App of the Week

“See the Future With SkyMotion”


"Stop talking about the weather and do something about it with SkyMotion, a free Windows Phone app that can help you stay dry.”

Praising its features and technology, selected SkyMotion as the app of the week.

“SkyMotion, a free mobile app for Windows Phone, gives you precise information about the weather where and when you need it most: in your exact location and in real time.”


SkyMotion is an “Ideal App for Hassle-Free Travel”

"Being prepared with the latest weather information is key to insure a smooth travel experience and there are numerous weather apps available to help you. Once of the best we’ve found is Sky Motion" recently compiled a shortlist of the best apps for hassle-free travel.

“Unlike other weather apps, Sky Motion keeps it simple by telling you when it’s going to rain right down to the minute for your exact location. By using your smart phone’s built-in GPS and available weather radar information, Sky Motion gives you a precise precipitation forecast for the next two hours and updates itself every five minutes. In colder climates, it will detect and forecast snow, freezing rain, ice pellets and hail.”

Misty and Marten, founders of PodJam, made sure to test the app before including in the recently published list.

“We’ve tested it and found it amazingly accurate. The app is free and available for iPhone and Android smartphones.” 

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